Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alberta Returns to the Arms of Tories

From the Calgary Herald:
The Progressive Conservatives are on pace to form another massive majority in the next election, despite being in the midst of choosing a new leader, according to an Environics poll.

The poll, commissioned by the Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal, suggests a substantial rise in support for the governing Tories since Premier Ed Stelmach announced he was quitting, coupled with a dramatic drop in the fortunes of the Wildrose party.

The Tories, who hit a low of 34 per cent support last November, rocketed from 40 per cent in January to nearly 54 per cent in the new poll, while the fledgling Wildrose has plummeted from 33 per cent to 16 per cent over the same period.

The NDP and Liberals are tied just three percentage points back of the Wildrose, at 13 per cent, with the new Alberta Party at two per cent, according to the Environics telephone poll of 900 Albertans last week
 It seems that the Wildrosers and their leader Danielle Smith might have peaked a little too soon. things can still change, of course, but I suspect there is a trend a-brewin'.

Also noteworthy is the lower Liberal score, despite all those fanciful changes made to the party. And while 13% may seem high for the NDP, it's actually statistically unchanged since the last Environics poll (10%), and they even got 13% in the preceding Environics poll before that.


  1. Darn I was hopping the Wild-rose would split the vote in Alberta and then help The Liberals maybe hold the balance of power. So close!

  2. It can still happen yet - just requires one of us two getting our acts together.

  3. The Liberals need to find a leader the Media is in love with