Thursday, June 2, 2011

ProgBlogs Was Updated - What About Liblogs?

If you don't know yet, ProgBlogs was updated. I personally prefer the former layout, but this does the job as well. However, Steve V has a few choice words for the voting system that I tend to agree with.

On that subject, personally I never cared much for voting; I only ever wanted enough votes to jump up on the main page feed and get a little bit more exposure. Three votes good enough for me, but he's very right in the tribal nature of ProgBlogs voting. It happens, it's expected, but just "one" vote doesn't really make it better. Ah well.

But here's a better question: when will Liblogs be updated? We still have the NB Liberals as "government." I have no idea the last time it was updated, but it does need to be updated at some point. The vast plurality of my hits come from Liblogs, and since I can't seem to get on the Wellington St. Post at all (must've been something I said), I prefer the site around.

I'm more than willing to help out, just a hint to all those involved.

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