Friday, June 3, 2011

On Brigette Marcelle (Cont.)

I was thinking further on Ms. DePape's stunt today (and yes, her real name is Brigette DePape, Marcelle is her middle name), and I've come to a conclusion.

She may be the single most reason for someone to get into a political career. Not because of the fact that she is anti-Harper and is one of the few people out there willing to pull off such a stunt - but because of the stunt she decided to pull, and then her inability to articulate a real reason why she did it.

It is because of people like this that, above all, people should be involved in politics. Why? Because we need people, people with reasonable minds and real reasons to oppose or support the direction of the country, to be in charge. We need people that will go to Ottawa, or Queen's Park or the National Assembly or the Government House and so on, and say clear justifications for their actions, their beliefs, and their ideals. We do not need Brigette DePapes, who pull little stunts that alienate more than they bring it. We need people like Mark Holland, or Michael Chong, or Stephane Dion, or Preston Manning or Tommy Douglas, even Gilles Duceppe, people who have a certain level of integrity to say clearly why this is wrong, this is good, and why we should support their position.

Brigette DePape is not one of these people. She pulled a stunt, and failed to justify it. That irks me. It helps drive the idea that Canadian politics is simply theatrics over substance. That's not right, that's not the message we need to send. It's one of the reasons I will one day run for office. Hopefully, Brigette DePape will let others reach the same conclusion as well.


  1. What she did was wrong! she works for the government. She can have a political opinion, but she isn't allowed to voice it like that. If she is against Harper fine I understand that, so she should hold a rally outside parliament, but not at her job. because her job which is to help the senators (by photocopying papers, passing messages etc...) It isn't her role as a page of the senate to voice her opinion, but it can be her job as Brigette DePape to voice her opinion. There is no justification for doing this at all I think firing her was the best decision

  2. - by depape, take a read

  3. I disagree! You obviously missed her being most articulate on the lack of a positive agenda for the majority of Canadians.

    She clearly got you writing and though I disagree with your "take", I am proud she did what she felt was her "calling" and I guess if Mr Harper can scrap good legislation for the environment and refuse to speak honestly, Ms? can do it her way; kind of like John & Yoko did it silently in a Bag in London to quietly get a message across. And the "Medium is the message" as another great Canadian once said.

    I am age 60 and extremrly proud she stood up for her point in the only way she could, since Mr Harper doesn't take calls nor allow his ministers to speak publicly or to news media.
    Wake up Harper...The youth of the world is knocking on your door.

  4. Well, I appreicate the comments, but I feel my position stands. This is what her actions have driven me to believe; results be different for others. But, here I stand.