Saturday, June 18, 2011

NDP Convention Question #1

Would it not make more sense to have all of Canada orange on that nice mural, instead of just the parts of Canada that supported you?

The deeper question here is whether or not the New Democrats - who have glaringly difficult gaps in the West and Southern Ontario to cover - are going to believe the "pan-Canadian" hype they've hooked themselves on to, or whether that large, francophone, nationalist-based Quebecois portion will make Jack regret the day he decided to toot his own horn?

It's an honest question, really - all Canadian parties will feel the pull of regional interests one day, and the New Democrats will not be spared that, indeed their party was born out of such regional frustrations. It's the nature of our democracy, and the bad part for the NDP is that they are now representing those who will attempt to exert their influence the most, or damn the rest of the country - Quebec. And once Quebec decides to throw its weight against Jack and Tom's NDP, they'll have little choice but to fall in line.

So, once again - will New Democrats be pan-Canadian, or like their mural, will they stick up for those who support them?

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