Monday, June 6, 2011

Nanos Poll - End of the Bloc

Nanos has a new poll out with very slight changes for all the parties, except it shows the Bloc literally collapsing before our eyes.

Topline numbers are 39.7% Con, 29.9% NDP, 21.5% Lib, 4.8% Green, and 2.7% Bloc. Using 2Close2Call's projection system (because, for Excel-related reasons, I can't use RxR's at the moment), you would get 156 Conservatives, 94 NDP, 58 Liberals, no Greens and no Bloc.

Why no Bloc? Because they're at just 10.7% in the province of Quebec, far behind even the Liberals, who sit at 20.3%, and the Conservatives with 21.8%. The NDP mop up easily with 39.1% of the vote.

Interestingly, the Liberals are second in Ontario with 26.3%, the NDP third with 24.3%, and the Cons rolling about happily with 44%. In Atlantic Canada itself, the Liberals are second with 31.8%, the Cons first with 36.9%, and the NDP third with 23.5%. Back to the same ol' games there it seems, at least according to Nanos.

However, one poll does not a trend make, and most of the changes are within the margin of error. But it's nice to see one pollster who isn't putting us at the mid-teen's these days. And the utter destruction of the Bloc, after the NDP co-opted their position, that is very believable and something I will totally root for.

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