Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Help Jeff Jedras Out

Just in case some Liberals missed it, please check out this post by Jeff Jedras on his proposed sub-amendment to give us a leadership race in the fall of 2012, instead of all the way out in 2013.

If you're a delegate to the extraordinary convention or you think your association might have a sympathetic ear to it, please forward it along to as many members as you can. Jeff is 100% right in the direction he's going, and we can have the best of both worlds (those worlds, in this case, being timely leadership races and time to mourn/rebuild) and keep this party chugging along best we can.


  1. Thanks Kyle. Still need a few more seconders if any delegates can help out. Would be great to give delegates a third option to choose from, not just porridge that's too hot or too cold...

  2. I agree, I highly agree. I know one of the Burlington delegates - Gareth Williams - has signed on, but I don't know if others will. However, I wish you luck with the other associations. I think you'll get some good support if this gets widely enough distributed.