Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blunt Objects x2

Because I'll be going away for the summer and my activity will be down quite a bit (maybe just one post a day now?), I've decided to bring on another contributor to give someone else a chance to be the mouthpiece, and provide readers with some variety in their authors.

This contributor is a guy named Nick Boragina, aka Teddy, who runs the projection website If you're unaware of RxR, you should take ample opportunity to look at it now, as well as this post by CalgaryGrit, which named RxR's projections the most accurate out of all during the 2011 election - this against my own better judgment at the time (I just couldn't believe the Liberals would be destroyed!Ahh!).

He'll be doing his postings and I've asked him to do projection updated for any polls that come out. As well, I'll be posting myself on his blog, keeping up activity on there when and where I can.

So, welcome Teddy and give his site some views!

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