Friday, June 10, 2011

Alf Apps - Not Such A Bad Guy

At the very least, he's got the right priorities in mind as continuing President:

Mr. Apps proposed what he called a long-term project for the federal Liberals: to create an economic bill of rights that would entrench the right to a living wage, clean water, decent education and quality health care for all Canadians.

The goal is to become the party of the people again, he said.

“I believe that as a party we should commit, whenever we form government next – and God knows when it will be – that we want to introduce the concept of a registered voters list in Canada.”

He also wants online voting, mandatory voting laws and Canadians expatriates to be allowed to vote.
Starting next January, he wants the Liberals to go door to door, use phone campaigns and social media to register voters. “We have to do what the Tories did in relation to election finance reform,” he said.

Once the voters are registered, Mr. Apps said he would like to see them choose future Liberal leaders through a primary process with rolling votes across the country. He called such a process very Liberal.
Really, who can disagree with these sorts of priorities that as President, Apps can push and be a voice for?

Online voting, mandatory voting (let's face it - we need it), and giving expatriates the vote - all good ideas.

Pushing for better social media integration into our canvassing and registration techniques - another good idea, and one that will work well in conjunction with Liberalist (still a good program, IMHO).

A primary process for choosing the party's leadership? Hell yes - I would love to see that sort of idea, which works well down in the United States and gives greater opportunities for the grassroots to participate, alongside the usual party fixtures to say their piece, implemented up here in Canada, and specifically for the Liberal Party. Heck, we were the first party to even hold leadership votes; why not be the first ones to take the next step?

I always liked Alf, even if I don't agree with every decision; he's an awesome partisan and an effective manager, even in the face of our defeat.

That being said, I think he needs to step down at the bi-ennial. When he does, I've got in mind who I'd like to see succeed him....

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  1. I don't think that ex-pats should vote - and I was one for a couple of years. Ex-pats don't have to pay income taxes when we work abroad (non-resident). It is the flip-side of taxation without representation. In order to have the franchise you have to have a horse in the race. No taxes = no vote. Fair and square.