Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who's Left

I'll go over the entire ramifications of the 2011 Federal Election results tomorrow, but for now, who's left representing the Liberal Party of Canada - get used to them:

Joyce Murray
Hedy Fry

Ralph Goodale

Kevin Lamoureux (I know, right?)

Kirsty Duncan
Frank Valeriote
Ted Hsu (new MP)
John McCallum
David McGuinty
Mauril Belanger
Jim Karygiannis
John MacKay
Carolyn Bennett
Bob Rae (future leader?)
Judy Sgro

Denis Coderre
Francis Scarpaleggia
Irwin Cotler
Justin Trudeau
Stephane Dion (comeback!)
Massimo Pacetti
Marc Garneau

Dominic LeBlanc (future leader again?)

Rodger Cuzner
Scott Brison (also another future leader?)
Geoff Regan
Mark Eyking

Lawrence MacAulay
Sean Casey (new MP)  
Wayne Easter

Scott Andrews (hahaha @ Fabian)
Scott Simms
Gerry Byrne
Judy Foote

We could still be looking at another couple of Ontario MPs, as I can't see Borys Wrzesnewskyj and Anthony Rota not asking for recount, given that they lost by 26 and 14 votes respectively.


  1. Nope, he conceded but he came back and won.

    Garneau 15,361
    Corbeil 14,703

  2. Yeah, Garneau actually won.