Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who the Hell are the "Liberals for Democratic Renewal"?

And why are we only hearing about them now in a article?

Seriously, this is the first and only mention I've seen of this group:
There are also signs of discontent at the grassroots level. A group calling itself Liberals for Democratic Renewal, made up of about 50 longtime Liberal activists, sent a letter Tuesday to the party executive and caucus.
The letter warned the executive and caucus against setting the party's future behind closed doors and then expecting the membership to fall in line. It asked for "full engagement" with the party's members, otherwise their actions "will be viewed as illegitimate."
I would like to know who these fifty or so "longtime Liberal activists" are,  how they don't realize there will be engagement with the Party membership, and why the phrasing "will be viewed as illegitimate" seems more like the threat that proceeds some sort of bombing plot than an outreach to our party's brass to put on the brakes a tad.

Well? Anyone?


  1. Never heard of them either. I'm sure the letter was signed "Anonymous Senior Liberal"... that guy always runs around talking like he speaks for more then he does.

  2. They have a website: Alan Johnston's been posting about it on En Famille. Chairman is John-Frederick H. Cameron, no idea who he is.

  3. JF,

    Somehow, someway, Chantal Hebert is behind it, I'm guessing.


    Thanks for the link! I know Johnston, but yeah, who the heck is JF Cameron? Weird.

  4. All of these people are from the Oakville riding association, I'm also a member of the riding association board too. Frankly in my opinion it is the best run riding association in the Liberal Party.

  5. So, so much for national reach I guess.

  6. Jack,

    Hey, you got nothing on us BFLAers!