Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where do the Liberals stand on Quebec?

Very simple question, in my mind.

Where do we, as a federal political party, stand on the issue of Quebec? We've had kind of a conflicted nature on this subject since Trudeau, when his staunch federalism rubbed against those willing to give Quebec more power and more respect for its nationalism, like John Turner. This traveled down the into the Chretien-Martin feuds, and I suspect a little bit into the Dion and Ignatieff eras - though the question of the party surviving was more on the minds of people then.

And now, given that it looks like we'll likely have a seperatist government in Quebec next election, one more than willing to go to a referendum, Liberals will really have to decide which side of the fence we're on. Both times during the other referendums we were under federalist Liberal governments (Trudeau and Chretien) - is it time we went with the rest of the group, namely the Conservatives and New Democrats, who say that giving in to more nationalist demands is the right course? Or do we rekindle our federalist roots and offer ourselves as the only party willing to be federalists in Quebec?


  1. I was under the impression that the left reserved some antipathy towards nationalism, and as Liberals wouldn't it be our duty to side with the wishes of the people of Quebec. Let the P.Q. have their separatism and let Quebecers decide their own fate.

  2. Gabriel,

    That's the left - that's the domain of the NDP. The Liberals are more a party of centrists and of federalists, with a centre-left bent, to be sure, but part of our historical reason for being has been to promote federalism in Quebec, especially since the Trudeau era.

  3. Assuming Marois and the PQ get in in about two years, why would any progressive Quebecers want to stay in Canada? Frankly, in Harperland, it's embarrassing. Harper's social conservative values as well as removing the social safety nets, are not our values.

    Furthermore, Pundits, editorial board of the Globe, etc are telling both the NDP and Cons to ignore us; that since we're no longer needed to form majority governments, we can be ignored. Hell, Kelly McParland suggested to the Liberals in their rebuilding that they forget about La Belle Province and basically concentrate on sucking up to the west as that is where the power base is now. Not Quebec.

    Again, why would we want to say??