Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Steve Said

No, not that Steve. This Steve, the author of the blog Far and Wide.

Steve V makes a perfect case for a June 2012 (or thereabouts) leadership race, a middle-ground of sorts between those who want a leadership election soon, and those who want to postpone it some more. I highly recommend reading what he's said because its prescient, and the brass should listen to him, and others. Two years may be a bit long - one year seems about right.

I personally think it's a good date because, as Steve said, we need to let things sink in. We just ended up with our worst electoral defeat in our entire history. We now have to adapt our caucus to its third-party role, adapt the party brass/membership/cheerleaders for a more activist role, and review how it is we got in this mess, and how we can get out. This should be done before a new permanent leader is installed, to get the process rolling without creating the dividing lines so soon. Maybe that way, momentum for rebuilding doesn't become stalled because we decided to kill ourselves over who gets to own this burning house.


  1. I read him..good blogger. I happen to think the Party is making to much fuss about leaders right now,and should be fixing what is wrong with the party and try to fix it from the bottom up.... roots first.,Democratic Laurier,true Grit, and then sweep the top.

  2. You're right, A Eliz - however, it's just the natural drift of the party's brass and membership. We want a figurehead, when really we need to calm down a bit and rethink how its all done. Interim leadership is good enough for now as a caretaker role, as we need it to be.

  3. No, no I think two years is just fine...

    A: We need money, seriously the last thing I want is to face the possible onslaught of negative attack ads that the Tories have been apt to roll out on new leaders and have nothing in the kitty to fire back with. Two years will hopefully give us enough time to collect enough dough to defend ourselves. I'm uncertain if the Tories will decide to blow money attacking the newly elected leader of the third party in a majority HoC but I'd rather be prepared if they do.

    B: I want real competition. I don't want to just hand the Leadership over to the guy with the bigger rolodex. I want to give everyone who wants the job the time to throw together a topnotch leadership campaign team. I'm not sure just 1 year is enough time to create that environment.