Monday, May 30, 2011

What is this I don't even... - Queer Thoughts Edition

Here's a gander at what one fellow blogger put on his blog recently:
Its fun to watch the Liberals scream FIRE over the NDP and Jack Layton's comments on the constitution.  It seems the Liberals' have no plan or any intention of working with Quebec, the only province not to sign onto the constitution.  Layton and company have made it clear.  If we want to maintain a united Canada, we need to provide the winning conditions for both Canada and Quebec in Quebec.

Its the right position to take.  It is dramatically different from the "Father Knows Best " attitude of the Liberal party.  The party of Dion and Iggnatief and Martin have seen huge losses in Quebec over the years to the point that they are barely relevant in that province.  Still if you were to listen to the high and mighty voices coming from the mouths of the Toronto centered LPC, the NDP at worse are separatists in Quebec and best totally naive.

Its that kind of patronizing attitude that has seen the LPC fail as a national party and reflected in their current standing in the House of Commons.  I note that now the Liberal party is toast, they finally give the title "interim" leader to Bob Rae.  You guys are just too predictable.

Liberals of course have always dreaded the constitution issue since 1995. It was a difficult situation and they responded to it by buying votes rather than taking up the tough questions about living together.  It kind of reminds you of a couple where one of them has taken the other for granted.  They see their failing too late then offer up some trinkets so make up for the indifference.

The NDP are not afraid to debate the issue of Quebec.  They know it is a tough issue to talk about, but that is what well founded families do, they talk.  You don't sweep it under the rug.  Not one person in Quebec thinks of the NDP as the new BLOC. They know the NDP is a federalist party, hell bent on the road to making Quebec and Canada work.
This is the words of a blogger who runs the site "Queer Thoughts," an obvious Dipper with a bone to pick over the Liberal Party's positions on Quebec, which are apparently patronizing and Toronto-based and yada yada yada.

I would like to point out three things for this person if I could:

1. There is a valid reasoning behind the standard Liberal position on Quebec that's based in historical, theoretical, and practical assumptions about Quebec's place in the country - they're valid arguments that you should respect, because enough voters in Quebec believe in them to keep us afloat there despite your little wave

2. There is an argument to be had over varying forms of Quebec's relationship to the country, but don't kid yourself into thinking the NDP, Layton, and Mulcair are anything other than nationalists - they are not federalists, not ideologically anyways. Maybe they are in name, but that doesn't mean much these days anyways; the Mulroney PCs were federalist, and that's what the NDP are now, and we know how that ended up...

3. "Toronto centered LPC" - you make it sound like an insult. I'll be sure to pass that along to your Toronto-based leader, party president, Ontario support base, local councillors, and crop of new MPs from the area who I'm sure will love to hear you insult them more

Bonus: "Not one person in Quebec thinks of the NDP as the new BLOC" - LOL, 'cause apparently all those votes you got were just spread around by the magic vote fairy, right? The NDP and Bloc have crossed over for years, and if needed, I'll draw up a list of pundits and voters who see the NDP as the new Bloc


  1. Its fun to watch the Liberals scream FIRE over the NDP and Jack Layton's comments on the constitution. It seems the Liberals' have no plan or any intention of working with Quebec, the only province not to sign onto the constitution.

    And why was that? Why was Quebec the only province not to sign? Will Ferguson had a section on the the matter in Bastards and Boneheads. From the book:

    "In Canada, the 1982 patriation of the constitution, with the charter of rights and full political independence it implies, is soulfully remembered not as a triumph, but as a defeat. Instead of uniting us, it has become yet another Moment of Division in our national history.

    "Why? Because the province of Quebec refused to acknowledge the legitmacy of the 1982 Constitution Act, insisting that it was forced on them against their will. This is one of the Big Lies of modern Canadian history. Rene Levesque, Quebec separatist premier at the time of patriation, would never have approved of any constitutional agreement. Trudeau knew this, and Levesque knew that Trudeau knew. Hence, the conscious decision on Levesque's part to portray the 1982 act as a "betrayal." This assertion is simply not true. If anything Quebec "forced the Constitution on the rest of Canada. Consider: in 1982, the prime minister of Canada was from Quebec, the minister of Justice was from Quebec, a third of the Cabinet was from Quebec, 74 of 75 MPs from the province were members of the party, and all but three of Quebec's federal MPs approved the deal. And even with the separtists in power provincially, a full 60% of Quebec's electected representitives--federally and provincially combined--supported the Constitution Act."

    (There was a good book recently published on this point in history that I'd recommend -- The Last Act.)

    Another thing to consider is that you have to create winning conditions for the rest of Canada to agree to the changes, not just Quebec. There needs to be seven provinces containing at least 50% of the population for there to be changes. As noted by others, Meech Lake and the Charlottetown accords were nightmares. What's going to be different this time around? If the NDP can answer this question, then be my guest, reopen the Constitution. If they can't, then they should really read up on the history of this and think deeply on what they're going to do.

  2. Sharon,

    Do you have a blog? If you don't, you should - you're full of fun facts and sources.