Friday, May 27, 2011

Paul Hellyer Speaks Out

And I still have no idea why - he abandoned this Party a long time ago.
It is with a heavy heart that I have come to the conclusion that the Liberal and New Democratic Parties should merge and become one entity known as the Liberal Democratic Party of Canada. I am convinced that it would be in the best long-term interests of both parties but, far more important, it would be in the best interests of Canada. Canadians deserve a clear choice when they next vote.
Why is Hellyer, a St. Laurent/Pearson/Trudeau-era minister, one-time Liberal leadership contestant, three-time minor party leader, and current UFO/conspiracy theorist, saying this now? Because he's afraid the free-trade Conservatives will destroy Canada.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper won a majority on May 2 with only 40 per cent of the votes cast. He has the right to show what he can do. It is possible that he might govern well enough to earn a second majority. But what if he implements unpopular socially conservative policies? And, what if he allows the Americanization of Canada with its ultimate goal of a North American Union? In that case, after nine years of Conservative rule, Canadians might be desperate for change.
I suppose not a single person has so far mentioned to him that since roughly the mid-1980's - after Hellyer's time - the Liberal Party has been pushing further integration and free trade as well. But, hey, apparently a merger is all that's standing between us and, erm, the NAU.

Fyi, the real reason why Paul is pushing this merger? More than likely it's because of his own failed attempts to get the New Democrats to merge with his minor party, the Canadian Action Party. He's got an entire book out on the idea, to be exact.

(Edit: Apparently BCL beat me to it, damn him.)

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