Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On (Interim) Liberal Leader Bob Rae

I like Bob Rae, personally. I think the guy has a great sense of humour and despite some folks I know, I think he is a very loyal guy that wants to do the right thing - true of most politicians who end up getting a bad rap anyways. I'm quite aware that Rae himself doesn't deserve the flak he gets for his time as Ontario's Premier, and that what he did, he did because he had to in the end - even if it costed him, and the NDP, their power. Many forget that for all of the accusations of Rae's "selfishness" and "arrogance," he went down just as hard as the rest of his colleagues.

I also think Rae is highly qualified to be a leader, either on an interim or permanent basis. He has been in politics in one form or another since 1978, and has a huge wealth of experience for our Party to draw off of. He's an extremely intelligent politician who knows what he's doing and will try to do his best to lead the Party to greatness. I don't doubt these things.

But... I do not agree with Bob on a lot of things, and I think the man has too much ambition to be held down by the chains of interim leadership, which concerns me. I don't see myself supporting him as a permanent leader, and while I have respect for him, I am concerned about what direction he'll take the Party. And let's face it - whether or not Rae did the right thing in Ontario, he is seen as a negative in the province. Politics is about 90% optics, and Rae doesn't have the right one in our strongest province west of New Brunswick.

But, he is now our leader and we do need to support him, especially during this time in our Party's history. I'm hoping that people who have organized against Bob in the past realize this as well - now is not the time to start jockeying over the remains of the Party. We need to line up behind Rae and give him our support, until a permanent leader is chosen. That's the end all of it right there. Unite, or get out.


  1. (not an attack) how do you square the fact that Rae is a former federal and provincial Dipper with your comment praising his loyalty? He clearly saw a better future in the Lib Party then in the Fed NDP when he came out of retirement.

  2. Rae spent the majority of his career in the NDP; fact is, he was loyal to them up until he felt they moved away from his own positions in life, this was after they elected Hampton and shifted farther to the left. But he had ample opportunity to leave before then for much greener pastures. It took the NDP's own decision to lurch somewhere else that he had to jump ship.

    And let's face it, now he could have left easily and regardless of what they say, the federal NDP would accept him back in. Even if they didn't, he could easily retire as an elder statesman. He hasn't chosen to so far, and is sticking by for what is a tough run.