Sunday, May 29, 2011

Meet Canada's Newest Premier

Guess who drank the koolaid?
Darrell Pasloski was selected tonight as the currently-governing Yukon Party's new leader, after former leader and current Yukon Premier Dennis Fentie, in power since 2002, decided to call it quits.

Pasloski is best known as a one-time federal Conservative candidate who failed in his 2008 run against now-turfed Liberal MP Larry Bagnell. Other than that, he may be your local pharmacist.

Pasloski doesn't hold elected office and will face fresh elections in October, going up against Opposition leader Arthur Mitchell (Liberal) and NDP leader Elizabeth Hanson. The Yukon is usually a Yukon Party (essentially the former Progressive Conservatives) and NDP fight, but since 2000 the Liberals have entered the fray, though their government from 2000-02 was kind of a disaster waiting to happen. Despite that, they're the main opposition with a good leader in Arthur Mitchell. This being said, no real way to gauge public support without being on the ground, since polls are utterly useless.

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