Monday, May 23, 2011

I Like Marc

That sad play on the old "I Like Ike" routine from the 1950's is a half-endorsement of Marc Garneau for the interim leadership of the Liberal Party of Canaca, that position being chosen within the next couple of weeks, and Marc being a guy who is running for it.

I say half-endorsement because it's hard to really endorse someone for what is a temporary job that will entail lots of hardship with little reward, especially with the party in it's current situation.

But that being said, I like Marc Garneau for the job for a simple reason: he isn't Bob Rae.

That isn't to mean that Rae isn't qualified or I think he will ruin the Party for everyone, but I think it's pretty clear to everyone by now that Rae has a lot of, let's call it ambition, that he isn't one to let go of so easily. And I think this isn't the kind of person that is suited for the job of interim leader. This is a position of trust within the Party that we as members and those in the higher ranks and the caucus expect to be an impartial but effective custodian of the Leader's Office until such time that the membership choses a permanent one. We all know that Rae is not this person, not until he unilaterally and unconditionally accepts the title as it is - which means no spin, and no 18-24 months BS. The interim leader is there for the interim, whatever that interim may be, and doesnt make up his or her own schedule.

I get the feeling that Garneau understands this and will respect it. He's a trustworthy face and will keep to the script when he needs to, and will give us an effective voice in Parliament until we choose a new leader. He may have ambitions, I don't know, but for now he seems willing to put them aside and willing to work for the Part in he capacity that he is called upon to fulfill as an interim leader. Can one honestly say whether Rae seems willing to do the same?

If Mr. Rae wants to lead this party and make his mark, he should do it through a leadership race. The interim leadership is a "summer job", it's not a quick and easy path for the crown. You are there at the behest of the Party to do a job, and do it well, until you're asked to make way for the membership's choice.

Garneau knows what this position entails, and he's willing to do it without conditions. If Mr. Rae comes out and says he understands the same thing, then let him go for it - but I've yet to see that. So, I like Marc. You should too.


  1. Very well articulated. I agree wholeheartedly.

  2. Minus the few I-pad related typos, I tried - and thank you!