Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hypocrite Hudak

Here's two situations that the Ontario Progressive Conservatives are facing - can you spot the inconsistency?
Would-be Tory candidates muscled out by Hudak favourites
Would-be Progressive Conservative candidates are being flatly told to hit the road to make way for hand-picked favourites, the Star has learned.

The latest to get the hook is Ade Olumide, a candidate for the Tory nomination in Ottawa West—Nepean, who was eager to butt heads with Randall Denley, a long-time Ottawa Citizen columnist personally anointed by Leader Tim Hudak.

“I was informed (Tuesday) night by the president of the Ontario PC Party in writing that I will not be allowed to contest the party nomination in Ottawa West Nepean,” said Olumide, founder of the Ottawa Taxpayer Advocacy Group, in an email Wednesday.

.... The reign of terror, as one insider called it, comes as the party, which conceivably could form the next Ontario government, searches for candidates for 107 ridings.

Anointing candidates started out as isolated practice but has become common as the Conservatives vie for candidates with name-recognition.
And just awhile back....

The defeat of veteran Progressive Conservative MPP Norm Sterling in a close and bitter nomination fight does not signal a rift in the party, Tim Hudak said Friday.

The party leader made the comments after Jack MacLaren, a farmer and former president of the Ontario Landowners Association, won the nod to run for the Conservatives in the Ottawa-area riding of Carcleton-Mississippi Mills in the Oct. 6 provincial election.

.... "It’s a tough loss,” said Hudak, who counted Sterling as a mentor but welcomed MacLaren to the Conservative team.

Hudak defended the party’s practice of allowing sitting MPPs to be challenged for nominations.
“No matter where my heart is on issues, it’s local members in our party who decide.”
Can you spot the inconsistency? I can.

The more this guy hangs around, the stronger the smell of bullshit grows. Democracy inaction, folks.

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