Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Everyone should just take a Valium until our national board vote"

Part of the reason why I like Alf Apps so much is because of his awesome way with words - and he is exactly right.

At this point, people have to start realizing that what the Board of Directors is doing is nothing they haven't done before, nor do not have the power to do. They're asking to convene a special convention, where members coast to coast can vote, to amend the Constitution with their permission - and these are powers laid out in the Constitution itself. People say this goes against the grassroots, but I really fail to see how - the Board must take the first steps, and that does involve backroom dealings, but at the end of the day, they are not doing anything contrary to the Party's Constitution, nor committing wrongs against the Party's membership, given that we do have a vote. If the vote fails, then the rules continue as-is and we have a leadership race sooner rather than later; it is the member's choice in the end, not the Board's. There is nothing wrong with this process.

I get that people think the backrooms are the cause of the downfall, but let's get serious here: the majority of members of any political party, be it the Liberals, Conservatives, or New Democrats, know shit all about what to do and where to go from here. That's what the Board of Directors and the Council of Presidents is for - to give the Party some direction and channel our own frustrations and concerns through. What they are doing is not contrary to our rights as members. Settle down, take a chill pill, and take your chance to vote. If you agree with the decision, vote in favour; if you don't, then vote against. It is that simple, and the executive is not barring that chance from us.

There is no palace coup. There is no "let them eat cake" moments. There is no grand scheme to ensure LPC members are utterly stripped of their rights. And I'm relatively positive that there's no scheme against Rae (could be wrong about that). Like Alf said, sit down, relax, and get your heads on straight. There is a lot for you to involve yourself with soon enough.


  1. Strikes me that you have perhaps had too much valium.

    The Board's move is clearly designed to avoid having Bob Rae appointed Interim Leader and then stand for permanent leader.

    The delay in letting the members of the party vote for a new Leader is clearly designed to give time for others to pop up or be persuaded or - amazingly some Directors might believe this! - be groomed, and then run for Leader and beat Rae.

    Seems we have a lot of Professor Higgins from My Fair Lady in our Board of Directors, starting with one Alf Apps (he of the valium idea).

    And let's be clear - never before has any Board delayed the vote by the members of the party to elect their Leader. This seems to indicate a fear of the members to me ...

  2. CC,

    Of course, it's all designed to go against Rae. It is one giant conspiracy against Rae. Because there is ZERO merit to the idea.

    No, there is merit to the idea and I happen to believe that a good portion of the membership does want it delayed. This is why we get the chance to vote on it. The Board can't be too damn afraid of its membership if we get the chance to either support it or vote it down - as required by the Constitution.

  3. CC

    You leave out the elephant in the room, WE GET TO VOTE!!! Nobody is dictating anything, the membership will decide. As for the stipulations about interim, SPOT ON, we need bilingual, we need someone who's motives aren't compromised, if Bob doesn't like it then he can run for the top job, nothing precluding that decision. I agree, people need a valium, pick your fights, this vote on the constitution isn't one of them, WE get to vote, PERIOD.

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