Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everyone Loves a Good Embellishment

Heck, we all embellish something, most notably for those online dating profiles so many people say are just peachy but I would never ever use (ha!).

Sometimes, we even embellish our resume just a little bit. Admit it, you know that you've done it once or twice; a little smidgen here about how your old boss said you did a good job, another smidgen there about how awesome you think the company you're applying to is, et cetera.

In this way, Ruth Ellen Brosseau is not new. So her bio says she graduated from community college when she didn't - so what? She at least attended the college, er, for a time, right? How is she supposed to know that the media will be fact-checking her biography?

Except... she didn't write it, did she? No, Mlle Brosseau didn't even write her biography page - that job was left up to whatever brilliant staffer decided to completely throw out every Dipper talking point on their new Quebec caucus.

Think of it this way: according to the Dippers themselves, while much pf their new caucus is young and inexperienced, they bring new ideas and a new, youthful vigor to the House of Commons that will help Fix Ottawa for a generation.

Except, why does the NDP feel the need to embellish and lie about Brosseau if not to try and convince Canadians and Quebeckers that they just didn't make a huge mistake?

Furthermore, how stupid does one staffer need to be to realize that Brosseau is the most watched rookie as of May the 2nd, and it's not a good idea to lie about her credentials where they'll be fact-checked by a media hungry for this sort of controversy?

It's going to be a fun four years.


  1. Initially I felt bad for her - and told people to "leave her alone"... but the more I see, the more I don't like. I want the NDP to have a strong socially-conscious voice in Ottawa - and to do it with young MPs whose vigor matches their "new-to-the-world" youthful moxy. Unfortunately lying about credentials is just plain wrong. As someone who has managed to educate myself to the post-grad level, I simply cannot excuse people lying about their credentials.

    What type of example does Ruth set for young Canadians seeking their first jobs? "It's okay to lie on your resume... I did it, and I ended up being elected an MP"? For a party that wants to court New Canadians, this is certainly a slap in the face of any person who comes to this land educated as, say, a doctor, and can't find work - only to see MPs being elected after lying about their credentials.

    I'm not sure what Jack needs to do right now, but I'm close to thinking that firing the people responsible for this gaffe is a good start. If it includes a certain Quebec MP, then so be it.

    The NDP - like any other party - needs to keep their house in order.

    ... Speaking of which, I would really like to see an investigation into the "credentials" of several Conservative MPs. Can someone make sure they screenshot the credentials section of every ConBot MP?


  2. WG,

    Heh, I'm starting to think that Brosseau should simply resign. She has no earthly right to represent the riding she does, with her inability to speak French and never even being there. I mean, I get the whole thing surrounding paper candidates and the fact is, it's sometimes needed; however, this is the reason why we should a least have a paper candidate who, at the very least, either lives close by the area or lives in the same PROVINCE. They put her up in Berthier-Maskinonge because her last name sounded Frenchy - no other reason.

    Now, she's an elected MP with no clue what her constituents are saying and an lie on her resume. She should resign, let there be a by-election.