Thursday, May 12, 2011

Christy Clark Wins Narrow By-Election Victory

Recently-installed BC Premier Christy Clark won a seat in the BC Legislature tonight after a close battle against New Democrat David Eby in Vancouver-Point Grey, former Premier Gordon Campbell's old riding.

Final results as followed:

Christy Clark - BC Liberal - 7,371 - 48.9%
David Eby - BC NDP - 6,7776 - 45.0%
Francoise Raunet - Green - 511 - 3.4%
Danielle Alie - BC First - 369 - 2.5%
Other - 41 -  0.3%

I know New Democrats were looking for a win against Clark, but it wasn't destined to be, it seems. And if this result surprises you, it shouldn't; Vancouver-Point Grey is relatively New Democrat-friendly, with the NDP sitting roughly around 40% during general elections, the Liberals around 45-50%. During a by-election run against what is generally an unpopular sitting government, these results save some face. It's also worth noting that the Green vote dropped from nearly 9% in the 2009 general election to just 3%.

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