Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Challenging the Commonplace.... Sort Of

I've noticed recently that there are a bunch of sites popping up here and there on the blanket idea of "Liberal Renewal," groups of people who, within the Liberal Party (or sometimes outside of it), want to get their bit in on how they can push the Liberals to reform themselves and rise out of the ashes of this horrifying defeat.

This is absolutely great. I'm happy to see people, especially Young Liberals, move forward with these ideas and try and challenge the old notions of what the Party is, stands for, and will do. Congratulations, you people are apart of the participatory democracy that Iggy always crowed on about. It's a reality!

Except, there's a problem.... there's too many of them. Liberal renewal is great, but so is co-ordination. Currently, there is none, which means its more ineffective as it rolls along, at least until one of these groups emerges as the more dominate one. That's just what happens.

Unfortunately, we can't exactly wait until then. Which is why someone out there, preferably someone within the Party itself, needs to wrangle these folks together before they start flying off in their many directions.

There's also a question out there of exactly how far "reform" actually has to go. I get the feeling of "throw all the buggers out" but someone must realize that an old guard is still useful, insofar as their experience and talents, far beyond the years of the people driving renewal, can help maintain the stability needed in a party that has to grow and renew itself, as the Liberals do. And stability is very key, as the inability to keep the rank and file together, in line, and focussed on a goal with effective leaders - well, you end up falling behind.


  1. Indeed, I agree. Groups such as the Liberal Reinassance and some of us Young Liberals, that have been advocating change, need to be reigned in by someone older and more experienced in matters of liberal politics. We need coordination, and we also need someone whom we can rally behind. Let's hope this extraordinary convention gets us somewhere.

  2. Agreed - last, best hope of liberalism? Sad to think its something Alf Apps organized.

  3. Four isn't too many, BO. If there's 30 or 40, I'd agree, but just four isn't too many. With the facebook groups having a few doesn't hurt--following a discussion in a facebook group of thousands would be quite daunting to any person, and smaller, more focused groups is quite effective.

    There ought to be some coordination but I don't think we should force these Liberals into any particular mold. Not everything should be lockstep and not everything should be chaotic.