Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boy, you gotta love Amir Khadir

He is the little Quebec socialist/separatist that keeps on giving:

Quebec politician Amir Khadir is not pleased the royal newlyweds will be visiting Montreal and Quebec City during their upcoming 9-day Canadian tour.

Khadir, who is a member of Quebec's national assembly (MNA) and co-leader of Quebec Solidaire, referred to the royals as "parasites" in an interview with the Journal de Qu├ębec newspaper.

"What a waste of public money. All this to welcome those parasites," Khadir is quoted as saying in the article.
I don't find myself often in agreement with Gerard Deltell, the leader of Quebec's little conservative/separatist party, the ADQ, but he's right when he says that regardless of your feelings towards the monarchy, it is tradition, you are in a country that is part of the monarchy, and those two haven't said anything bad about you, though in Khadir's case, maybe they should. Being against the monarchy is one thing; calling pretty folks "parasites" is another.

But the fun with Amir Khadir doesn't stop there. Cue the blog No Dogs or Anglophones:

Amir Khadir Justifies Terrorism
Amir Khadir Has a A Lot to Hide
Amir Khadir Being Destroyed by Shoe Boycott

And on and on it goes. Where this guy ends up, nobody knows (though Fred Rose might).


  1. I hate Amir Khadir mostly for his pointless boycott of shoe store that has only a few shoes made in Israel. he can call Israel whatever he wants, but he is a hypocrite!

  2. Yeah, that was a fun episode to watch. Sadly though Khadir gets his spotlight because he's not the other three party leaders (Charest, Marois, Deltell). And he'll keep getting it until someone puts their foot down and says enough is enough, time we fought back against this guy's insanity. He could become something of a force to be reckoned with, nuts as he is.

  3. Now, I, too, like any good Quebecoise, has disdain for the monarchy. They've never worked a day in their lives, never paid taxes, they have more money than Gawd and live off the backs of the working class. When I think of savage cuts being made in the UK at the expense of the ordinary working man or the unemployed or downtrodden, yet those buffoons continue living high off the hog, well, it's just nothing short of obscene.

    To add to the insult, I have no idea what Jean Charest was smoking at the time, but he agreed to help pay for a portion of this auspicious visit. Not going to help his sinking polls.

    Yes, the royal brat and his gold digger will be making a pit stop in la belle province and they'll be run out of town as their relatives have in the past. This will be no different.

    Oh, and NO Dogs or Anglophones is a Harpercon shill who thinks English should reign supreme here in La Belle Province. I would take him with a cue ball of salt. I always wondered why he still lives here if he's unhappy with French as an official language here? Why doesn't he simply move to Ontario or better still, Alberta? Bet they'd love him there.

    I think he probably sees socialists under his bed and in his crawl space before bed too.

    Bet he lives for Trude the Prude or Tea-party Tommy on CJAD. Yawn.

  4. I get the opposition to the monarch - I really do - but going off and offending people you've never met, as Khadir has, with the language used, is just no way to go about being a respectable politician, or human being. You can attack the IDEA of monarchy, but these are people as well - what have they done to you to deserve such disdain?

    And I know NDOA is a Harpercon - but he's a fun Harpercon, with some interesting perspectives and a highly attuned stance against the NDP, PQ, and QS. That, to me, is a relatively useful person. I don't have to agree with him all the time to think he's got the right kind of idea now and then - if I followed the other path, I'd have to give up my family.