Friday, May 27, 2011

Blunt Objects in Ottawa

No... that's not a call for a legalization march, though it would be an interesting name for one.

I'm off to Ottawa for a weekend to see the sights and sounds, but actually for a relative's birthday party. I'll be sure to bring back interesting photos and see if I can grab that shiny mace as a souvenir. Other than that, I really have no idea what it is to see and do in Ottawa - any suggestions from the local blogosphere on that? Suggestions are always welcome.


  1. Hope the rain lifts for your visit. We've been getting a LOT of it lately.

    Depending how much time you have, the Byward Market is the place to be for sights, sounds and social life. On the edge is the National Gallery; over the bridge to Gatineau (the old Hull part) is the Museum of Civilization. All walkable distances. Up the street is the House of Commons.

    David Akin did a Google Map of political downtown Ottawa you may be able to find via a search of his blog or twitter feed, too. Hy's is overrated and very very expensive. Most people will be in the outdoor patios on Sparks Street towards Bank Street in the summer, unless it's pouring. The downtown is completely empty except for tourists on weekends, though.

  2. Good advice from Pundit. The Market area is always a great place to spend time.

    Two things going on this weekend in Ottawa
    - Race weekend in Ottawa (some streets closed off a certain times)
    - The Great Glebe Garage Sale -

    You can find out more about them here

  3. Thanks for the suggestions - sadly only had time for a tour of Parliament Hill before I had family duties to attend to. But you have a lovely city - just many bumps in the road that has given me new appreciation for my City Council's infrastructure efforts!