Tuesday, May 10, 2011

22,484 people voted for Jack Layton - not Ruth Ellen Brosseau

Part of the reason why I find this election amusing is how much hubris is now coming off of the NDP:
22,484 people voted for Ruth Ellen Brosseau in the May 2nd Federal Election. That's more than voted for any Liberal candidate in all of Quebec! And yet, a number of Liberal bloggers decided that Mme. Brosseau would be the victim of their vile venom.

Now, in all fairness, a large number of active Liberal bloggers did not attack the young, new Member of Parliament. Unfortunately, their silence was highly inappropriate in that no one in Liberal ranks raised their voice in opposition to these sexist attacks by their fellow Libs.

But for those of you who did attack Ruth Ellen Brosseau, your despicable, sexist, reactionary rants say more about you then they do about her.
The utter foolishness coming off of this rant surprises me, as Buckdog is generally a smart fellow. But no - apparently, attacking someone for representing a riding that, let's face it, is not exactly a match for her, is, erm, "sexist and reactionary."

Not only that, assuming that 22,484 francophones from Central Quebec voted for an anglophone Ottawan who has never been to their area is ludicrous. Those people voted for Jack Layton, not Ms. (not Mme.) Brosseau - they only put her in the riding because her name sounded French. That's all there is to it.

And if this isn't something to criticize, then I don't know what is. How I ended up being "sexist and reactionary," however, I don't know. But apparently, how dare we Liberals attack the mighty NDP, who in solidarity with each other and their new found success in la belle province, have seemingly ended up being about as nuts as their friends across the aisle (which they helped elect).


  1. The fact that they voted for her is just an indication that they don't care who their local MP is so much as what party leader they will vote for. In my opinion that's a sensible option in a system where local MPs are powerless. That's what needs reform.

    In the meantime, I hope the media moves on soon. There's, you know, a government and all that, to talk about.

  2. Sixth Estate,

    Hey, Parliament doesn't start until the end of the month, we need more REB!

    Your other point is, sadly, valid. If this is how little voters care about their local representation, why do we fight so hard for it? Might as well run them all off party lists and call it a day. Doesn't seem like the voters of Berthier-Maskinonge seemed to care...

  3. These tectonic shifts do tend to bring out the Jacobin instincts in people like BuckDog. A good many of this very type are endemic in the NDP which, more than anything else, has always made me steer well clear of them.

  4. Are you saying the NDP helped elected the Tories? Doesn't it make more sense to say it's the Liberals who split the opposition vote and ensured Harper's majority? In 2015 the Liberal Party (or what's left of it) should be less of a factor, since few people will want to waste their vote on a small, third-place party with no hope of winning.