Thursday, April 14, 2011

Will Iggy-mania start in Quebec? Again?

If you believe some of the reports, yes, it will.

Or at least, some level of it will. From what I've heard, Ignatieff really distinguished himself last night, especially in the last half-hour of the debate, when he and Gilles Duceppe had an apparently epic showdown on Quebec's place in Canada, with Ignatieff giving as good as it gets for the federalist option.

That being said, Layton put up a good fight and Duceppe "woke up" from something of a stupor around the same time.'s Eric Grenier had this to say about his expectations:
Stephen Harper was not very present and will likely not see any boost in Quebec, but both Gilles Duceppe and Michael Ignatieff had a good showing in the debate. Ignatieff performed better in French than he did in English, and was very strong when the debate turned to Quebec's place in Canada. My own perception is that he might have done enough to put himself head and shoulders over Layton and Harper as the federalist option.

Duceppe started off slowly but also woke up at this point of the debate. While he didn't have a home run performance, I think he shored up his own support and we may see his numbers return to the usual 38-40% that the party had enjoyed for the months running up to the campaign.

Could this be true? It very well may be, as I don't know Eric to be a Liberal or anything sympathiser, and I don't think he'd sugarcoat it. It's very possible that Ignatieff could see a boost in his support - or, alternatively, both Layton and Iggy will simply start cancelling each other out. A good possibility.

But I do think Ignatieff has probably shored up the die-hard federalist vote in Quebec, at least those willing or already voting Liberal, that 20-ish percent will stick with us for now. It just remains to be seen whether we can start expanding beyond that. If we can't, then expect to get the same results we had last time in 2006 and 2008 - but if we can do a little better, we'll be in business folks.


  1. Someone didn't tell Denise Verreault.

  2. Oh, you mean the chick who was about as close to a federalist and real Liberal supporter as Harper is a rabid progressive socialist?

    Yeah, don't think we're going to miss her.

  3. having ridofbrain and Verrault on the Tory side isnt a bad thing at all.

  4. Personally I think Ignatieff gave a very poor showing.

    I didn't see any epic showdown. It was a theatrical highlight of the debate when he opened the last half-hour with "It's 2011" to Duceppe, but he really didn't make any persuasive points beyond that.

    His French was weak.

    Layton's was the best imo, he never stumbled and seemed quite at ease in French. Also, he was feisty and combative but never angry or out of control.

    I guess Ignatieff's French has improved since he first arrived on the scene, yet it was on poor display last night.

  5. Yes, I saw you on CalgaryGrit's post - I just happen to disagree with what you're saying, about Iggy, anyways.

  6. Well Volkov, we'll know the answer in less than 3 weeks :)

    Gosh, sorry for visiting both CalgaryGrit's blog *and* yours... I'll avoid repeating the mistake in the future...

  7. Oh, that's not what I meant at all - it was just an observation. Please, feel free to comment wherever you want! I was just stating I knew your opinion already.

    And yes, we shall see, won't we!