Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who let that little Green wave through?

Looks like my Twitter subscription to Steve Paikin finally paid off.

Yes, there is a new exciting poll out, where I can find the exact details I don't know (talking methodology, base numbers, etc.), but this release on the Green Party's website says it all:
The Green Party of Canada released polling today that shows Leader Elizabeth May in the lead to win the riding of Saanich Gulf-Islands (SGI).  45% of decided voters in SGI stated they would vote for Elizabeth May, compared with 38% for the Conservatives.  The Liberal and NDP candidates each polled at 9%, with 16% undecided.  13% of respondents named Elizabeth May as their second choice, while only 6% gave Gary Lunn as their second choice.
That's right - Lizzy May is sitting at 45% of decided voters in the riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands, with current MP and junior cabinet minister Gary Lunn of the Conservatives with 38%, and Renne Hetherington of the Liberals and Edith Loring-Kuhanga of the NDP sitting at just 9% each.

While it is a partisan poll, and it is a riding poll, it honestly makes sense; with the push for "strategic voting" and the Liberals and NDP attempting to tear each other's throat out, the Greens would be an obvious choice for voters looking to turf Lunn.

This said, and pointed out by the lovely Alice of Pundit's Guide (also on Twitter), the Greens have a funny habit of releasing polls that don't quite live up to the numbers. We'll see on May 2nd, I suppose.


  1. I am a proud supporter of Elisabeth May In SGI. Although I am hopping for A Liberal win in the rest of the contry Elisabeth May might just be what parliment needs to push the enviroment in a parliment that seems to be ignoring A solution which is a carbon tax.

  2. I'm just wondering how many ways we can split the left vote before the Conservatives get majorities with 12% of the vote...

  3. vanillaman,

    I disagree, but May is better than Lunn, and if this poll is believable, then May it is. I think Hetherington would be a better choice though.

  4. I've been thinking forward to election 2013(4?) and wondering what excuse the broadcaster's consortium will concoct to exclude Elizabeth May, MP from the debate. Will they move the bar further to say that a party needs to have legislative-party-status in order to participate?

    By their current logic Andre Arthur deserves to be in the leader's debate as the only elected independent MP.