Monday, April 11, 2011

Today in Sun Media Stupidity

Brian Lilley shows just how low of an IQ score he can get.

As part of Sun media's "Damn Foreigners" campaign, by which they attack Michael Ignatieff for being part of the clear foreign clique that red-blooded Canadians simply don't approve of, Lilley had this substantial article plastered as front page news in today's Toronto Sun:
Michael Ignatieff has some 'splainin' to do.

As the Liberal leader scoots across the country asking for your vote, it seems he has forgotten where he has voted in the past. 

Ignatieff now claims he has never voted in a foreign country, but quotations from his past suggest he voted Labour in Britain and would vote Democrat in the U.S.
That's right. Brian Lilley's considerable "talent" was wasted on breaking this huge story sure to blow the entire lid off the campaign the Liberals have been running. Damnit, why did no one do a background check! It was probably on Facebook!

If this is honestly the best scandal Canada's vested conservative interest groups can bring out against Michael Ignatieff, alongside attacking his wife, they are in some serious trouble. I can see it getting a mention somewhere in the paper - but the front page? You wasted people's subscription money on that crap? No wonder you have to sell your papers for so low - it's a bloody rag, not a publication worth people's time.

And word to the wise, Lilley - do you remember every time you've voted in your life? So he skipped over a time he voted in a 1997 election, so what? And he clearly didn't vote for in the United States elections, because as you pointed out, he's not a citizen. Of course, don't let facts get in the way of the most trumped-up scandal since wafergate.

Just get it over with and become a failed Ontario PC candidate somewhere, will you?


  1. Ignatieff keeps using the word "trust" to describe Harper. I guess this is going to bite him in the ass. Maybe he should read his own books first before opeing up his mouth.

  2. I voted in the 1997 elections in England because I was born there and happened to be living there at the time. SO? I just don't understand how the Tories managed to make this into an issue in a country of immigrants. And since the Tories claim to be big on "market forces" how many CEOs of Canadians companies were born outside or have lived outside the country. Maybe they should bring forward legislation that outlaws Canadians from living abroad if it is such a terrible thing.

  3. Kirby:

    The problem isn't that Iggy voted in the UK and may or may not have voted in the USA. The problem is that a) he lied about voting in the UK and b) if he did indeed vote in the USA he broke the law.

    And when you're campaigning on the level of trust of the other guy... well being caught lying and maybe breaking the law looks just a weeeeeeeeeeee bit hypocritical.

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  5. IMO this tidbit ranks with the Obama birth certificate on a level of newsworthiness.

    Unfortunately, Ignatieff has set himself a very high standard by attempting to make this election about ethics, so he must be prepared for even little bunk like this once to give him a paper-cut.