Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This is sure to play over well in Ajax-Pickering...

Conservative star candidate shows why he really is quite a catch:

Sure, Chris - we all know the Conservatives are for businesses first, and that Canadian families are secondary concerns, but you really didn't need to spell it out for us. Thank you, though!

The full quote in the video, if you can't hear it right:

"Let's be clear - we can only bring tax relief where we can afford it. It's for businesses first, for families and pensioners second." 
- Chris Alexander, Conservative candidate for Ajax-Pickering

Maybe Mark Holland won't have such a hard time after all.


  1. Lemme guess what it says on his business card: Chris Alexander - Corporatist Shitwad

  2. Something along those lines I'll have to assume.

  3. "Tax relief" is an expression developed by the Republican Party in the USA. What he expressed was voodoo economics. The idea that the best way to improve the economy is to provide no strings attached giveaways to the very wealthy who will then choose to hire people based on these giveaways.

    This is not supported by any facts, though. It sticks in part because of the promotion of what is really a primitive religion that states that the rich are superior job creators to whom we owe everything ("job creators" is another Republican stock phrase, by the way, adopted by Harper)... they sacrificed grievously to become rich. Therefore we must sacrifice to them.

    We must also worship them and we can't say bad words to them or they'll shower us with Wrath. All this talk about how it's useless to tax the rich, they'll download it all on everyone else, it's part of this cult, telling us they are all-powerful gods. If we try, they'll punish us. That's one of the pillars on which the Right claims legitimacy, that only they can deal with the gods correctly to obtain bounty and avoid Wrath.

    There's also the moral argument that if the rich choose to corner 90% of the wealth for itself and leave nothing for anyone else then it's their right as we owe everything to them and they also sacrificed for us. Again, this is just like many of those human sacrifice religions. Why, the idea of the god sacrificing for us exists also in Christianity - Good Friday, remember?