Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Open Question

What will the NDP surge do to Quebec's provincial scene? What will it do for the provincial scene in other provinces? Is it going to be Greg Selinger's and Darrell Dexter's lucky break?

Anyone willing to answer, go ahead.


  1. The NDP is starting to get flack now. For openers, Jack has opened a can of worms he shouldn't have--re-opening the constitution. He's only proving to be bloc-lite. Now is hardly the time for this debate.

    Also, He's had to recant on some of the figures of his green projects of his campaign platform. That's just for starters.

    Before, he wasn't a contender, so no one really paid much attention to the platform. They are now.

    Nanos, on the other hand, yesterday, said that NDP is still polling pretty low in Ontario. From what I've been reading, many are of the belief that the provincial NDP is still not forgiven for unpaid 'Rae Days'.

    Cons, on the other hand, are on an upswing in ONtario; to the point Nanos said yesterday that they can 'squeak' a majority with just their western and Ontario base alone. Three ridings in the 416 risk going con; York-Center, Eglinton-Lawrence and Don Valley West.Plus, many others in the 905.

    The NDP is running Peter Blaikie's daughter in Winnipeg North and it looks like she'll take it away from Kevin Lamoureux. Other than that, there doesn't appear to be any seat changes in Manitoba according to 308.com.

    There's a right wing revolution in Europe, Australia and of course, the US.

    Last I checked, Manitoba, the Cons were ahead and poised to take government next election.

    Heard nothing about Nova-Scotia, but it appears that the HST in that province is as upopular as everywhere else and they're looking like a one hit wonder themselves. Probably also poised for con gov't to take over.

    Something tells me that Harper and his media have done a great job swinging Canada's center further to the right.

  2. Forgot a sentence; after the right winged revolution in other parts of the world. Meant to say that Canada is along for the ride.