Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh look, Harris Decima doesn't hate us anymore

That's right, Harris Decima is no longer showing shockingly low support across the country for the Liberals. Now we're just on an average low amount of support.

The chart above actually represents what HD has picked up over the last two weeks, so if you get confused by the title "Cons lead by 7" yet see the 11-point lead, they're actually reporting on the results in the last week, which had a 35-28 spread.

The Liberals have seen an obvious jump in support from the paltry 24% they got in the last HD poll, really worrying since they were similar to what some of the online pollsters were saying (and I don't trust them).

But now we've got some new numbers that shows a bit of momentum for the Grits, something confirmed by Leger and formerly to Nanos. If you did a basic swing on the one-week numbers, you'd get 134 Cons, 89 Liberals, 36 NDP, and 47 Bloc, with 2 independents. That's not a lot of change but hey, it's a nicer sight than what we've seen recently.

Let's hope tomorrow's polls are showing something similar, especially with all the work we've put out. It's time we got something back for it.


Totally forgot to add the link to the newest HD poll. Here it is.

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