Sunday, April 10, 2011

NDP Platform calls for "Immediate Action," Mulcair then Installed as Leader

Honestly, that's what this platform should've ended up doing.

I'm personally not a fan of Jack Layton. The way he looks into the camera in the House, when he showed up at that bar in Toronto during the final Olympics hockey game and looked into the camera while trying to maintain the "I'm just some guy here!" position, and this personality cult that surrounds him to the point where I forget if we're supposed to vote for the NDP or a party called "Team Layton" (maybe they'll pull a Mario Dumont and become the NDP/TL) - it all just irks me to no end. But you could always rely on him for some interesting ideas and a challenge-the-commonplace type of attitude.

Not this election, however. The NDP platform is a rehash of old ideas and desperate maneuvering, not to mention several clear ripoffs from the Liberals, and of course, utter stupidity that they know they will never be able to do.

So you know what I say? Dump Layton. Get Mulcair in there. I may despise him and I've heard he has anger issues, but you're already on the upswing in Quebec and he must have new ideas. It'll be worth your while, I swear it. Not like you have anything to lose with the numbers you're currently running at.


  1. sure right after you drop Iggy who supported torture & enabled Bush wars!!Now that's progressive - NOT!

    But your post sure gave me a laugh - ripping off the libs - ha ha ha - your platform is one NDP ripoff - but we know the liberal redbook is just not going to happen - national childcare - promise from 1993 - liberal redbook 1 - ha ha ha

  2. Hey, so, you're voting Green, right? Because I know the NDP don't have a chance where you live.

  3. But he didn't support torture; he just edited a book on it. His own position is that nothing more coercive than sleep deprivation should be used, and then only under exceptional circumstances.

  4. And for good cause - after all, such tactics as that soft coercion has proven for effective, or at least more cost effective in the long run, than torture itself.