Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Most Useless Poll Update Ever

Thanks, Sun Media - you've proven your worth once again:

Stephen Harper's Conservatives have gained a massive 21-point lead over Michael Ignatieff's Liberals, according to a new COMPAS Research poll obtained exclusively by QMI Agency.

In Ontario, the Liberals trail their Conservative opponents in every area of the province except Toronto — although Harper leads in the city's suburbs.

The poll, the largest telephone survey of the campaign, also found that Ignatieff is trailing both the Conservatives and the NDP in Quebec, as NDP Leader Jack Layton shows some surprising strength in the province.
Read the entire article and they give you zero numbers - just reports of "gaps." Nevermind the fact that COMPAS is one of the worst pollsters I can think of, releasing this totally accurate poll during the coalition crisis which no one else supported, it'd be nice if we actually saw the results, don't you think? Give it some credibility? No?

There's a lot of poll releases today so I'll update later. But, yeah - cancel your subscription to the Sun now if you can, folks. It doesn't get better than this.

*** Update here, but the folks at Sun news are still douchebags for not releasing the info to begin with


  1. Are you under the illusion your boy isn't heading back to the U.S.? Nice that he prattled on about democracy during the debate when he isn't even elected by your party members as their leader.

  2. He actually was elected - there were results, ballots cast, and everything. You should do your research, bud.

  3. Folks like badbeta don't like research and facts. Facts and numbers and statistics and other such messy stuff just don't fit the meme.

  4. Badbetta must be a recent conbot hire