Wednesday, April 20, 2011 - NOT

This is an interesting website to be sure, a clear attempt by the Dippers to try and ensure that their soft and squishy vote doesn't leave them for the Liberals or other parties.

Except, there's just some issues I have.

First off, they're lying when they say Ignatieff missed 70% of votes in 2010 - he in fact missed 50% of them, still a horrid number, but not 70%, and I challenge anyone to show me otherwise.

Secondly, their second statement of "Ignatieff has supported Harper over 100 times" is both contradictory (you say he wasn't there!), and, what, the NDP promise to not work with parties in the House of Commons if elected and vote against everything and anything the Conservatives put forward? Mmkay.

Then there is their Green Party statement, essentially saying that, hey, they're an ineffective party that can't win a single seat with your vote... so elect us and they'll be able to! Because I'm very sure the NDP are going to go down this route and willingly disenfranchise their own party.

Then, we go to the Bloc, where they say that they failed to stop the Afghanistan extension and the subsidies for pollution, etc. Well, uh, Jack - neither did your party. That must be obvious because it passed even though your larger social democratic/separatist cousins in the Bloc failed to do it, and, well, where the hell was your party then? Not in Parliament? Or just as ineffective? This isn't exactly helping you, here.

Also, note that no one other than folks who live in Toronto-Danforth should be saying "I'm voting for Jack Layton...", because you can't vote for Jack Layton. You're more than welcome to cross out your NDP candidate's name and put in "Jack Layton," but that will not go over well with the Elections Canada people.

Plus, notice you have to wait for that stupid map thing to move from "person" to "person", and how 85% are NDP anyways? Yeah, that's annoying.

Anyways, there's the link - what you, dear Liberal friends, do with it, is totally up to you. Just know that I don't condone you spamming their website with ideas such as "I'm voting for Jack Layton because I like '70's porno mustaches." Definitely not.


  1. Iggy has the highest amount of absences, but he's also the leader of the opposition and thus is out talking to Canadians so he can have the pulse of the nation in the event of an election. I see nothing wrong with it, it's just an NDP red herring.

  2. I agree, Hishighness - its just sad it has taken Iggy too long to respond to that!