Saturday, April 9, 2011

Holy $#^%, Paul Okalik is the Lib Candidate in Nunavut?

Wow. Just, wow. I know they were waiting for someone, but they nailed another Premier? That makes how many Premiers possible in the Liberal caucus now? Four? Rae, Dosanjh, Handley, Okalik... yeah, four of them. Nice.

Seriously though, what a good catch for the Liberal Party. I heard some grumblings that the Liberals were struggling to find a candidate in this former bastion, a riding closely lost last time thanks to NDP splits and no incumbent and on and on. This is going to be a battle royale, to be sure.

I look forward to seeing Mr. Okalik in Parliament, however, simply because he ends up with some of the most awkward expressions ever, like this one:

Good luck Paul!!

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