Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Electoral Projections and You, Part Deux

It's a little late in the game, but so many more electoral projection sites have popped up here for Canada that we've never even seen before, or at the very least, I haven't (and I do look around for them):

In addition to the Original 7, here's a list of new ones, some more election resources than total projections, that offer some different views on how the election will go:

The Mace is an interesting site that I really have a hard time understanding the math for, but it seems legit.

Election Almanac falls into that "election resource" pile, however, it also does small projections on the side, which I would suspect are just basic swings. Interesting, however, as it does projections for every poll that so far popped up on their website. You can follow the Liberal decline in real time!

Simon Fraser University offers this nice polling list which is regularly updated and includes polling as far back as the 2000 election. Good resource to keep up on.

Canada Polling Report also doesn't do projections, but offers fun graphics and timelines of current polling, another good resource for keeping track.

Paulitics is currently not doing projections or even operating, but he does have a projection system widely touted and is a good enough DIY stop as anything else.

CalgaryGrit also does some projections, which I thoroughly enjoy, and you should definitely check out.

All Politics is Local also does some projections, though I don't know what he does for them. Interesting, nonetheless.

Then, finally, there is my projections over to the right here: don't take them at face value, especially right now. I have to fix what's there to more accurately reflect what's going on, because it just ain't doing it right now - however, it does tend to follow a website like 308.com more closely than I thought. That might just be luck, however.

Anyways, for a complete list of these sites alongside some international (well, US and UK) projection websites, look to your right.

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  1. great resources, Volkov. I wonder if a seat-projection aggregator would provide a good resource that would smooth out the bumps of the the different algorithms and provide an accurate picture?