Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dear NDP: Please Vote for Jack Layton

Seriously, please vote for him. If you live in Vancouver-Kingsway, vote for Jack Layton. If you live in Burlington, vote for Jack Layton. If you live in Gatineau, vote for Layton!

It's easy - when you get to your polling station to mark your ballots, simply cross out whatever your NDP candidate's name is, and put in Jack Layton! Therefore, you can vote for him! This is what they're asking you to do, after all.

I am utterly sick of the BS expounded on by Layton and Harper about how you can vote for them. You can't, unless you live in Toronto-Danforth or Calgary Southwest. We do not run a bloody presidential system, whereby the leader with the most votes become the next Prime Minister. We have 308 battles coast to coast with different candidates representing parties that do not feature battles with one leader versus another. Why the NDP and the Conservatives, and even the Liberals at certain points, continue to pursue the lie that I, someone who lives in Burlington, can vote for Stephen Harper or Jack Layton, is really beyond me. It's like neither party gives a shit about what our system actually is, and who we're actually voting for. It's no longer about local representation, its about Jack Layton and his bloody Legion. It annoys me to no end, and we honestly should not stand for it - this is what leads to electing idiots like Rob Anders to Parliament.

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