Friday, April 29, 2011

Dear Leger

I know you do interesting polls of the provincial scene in Quebec whereby you ask people who support Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois whether they support her leadership, and break that up into PQ supporters, Sovereigntists, and Non-Sovereigntists, with obvious results (sovereigntists support Marois, non-sovereigntists do not), and you also ask respondents the obvious question of the issue of independence, also asking PQ supporters whether they would support it (they do).

Here's an idea for your next poll: do something similar for the New Democrats. Ask respondents who say they're voting for the NDP in Quebec whether or not they'll support independence, and ask sovereigntists and non-sovereigntists what they think of Jack Layton's leadership. I think the results would be mighty interesting, and another reason why I think any NDP opposition - or government - is going to be entirely beholden to Quebec nationalists, much like during the Mulroney years, and how unstable such a coalition is really going to be in the long-term.

It's time we saw where and why the NDP received this surge, and have it down on paper to boot.


Kyle Hutton - PS all those nasty things I said about your polling, it wasn't actually me! Really!

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