Friday, April 1, 2011

And Stephen Harper Came Out and Said, "April Fools!"

Or, at least if the campaign continues on its current course for the gaffe-prone Conservatives, they'll wish it was just a bad joke.

Two quick comments today: one, Nanos' has a new portion of that three day poll, showing little change as the Libs drop a tad, and the other parties rise just a little. Essentially, stability. Starting tomorrow we'll have a new set of three-day polling, which I'm looking forward to considering all of the announcements we've had over the past week. In related news, Nanos' leadership index score shows Iggy is keeping his mild-popularity boost, while Jack is having some issues. Harper roars ahead.

Secondly, I wish Iggy would get off the debate issue, either the Green one or the one-on-one challenge. We need to prioritize; we took our swipe at Harper, we can't let it take over the campaign. Let the issue settle in the voter's minds and release some more of that amazing policy.

When Ekos' poll is released later today, I'll do a post up on that, and then fiddle with those small projections over to the right there. It won't be a lot of change - unless Ekos shows a complete game changer, of course.

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