Monday, March 14, 2011

Word to the wise, Warren....

Warren Kinsella on Ian Davey, in a post regarding how cool he is:

Oh, what the Hell.  I’ve got your attention, anyway, so let me say it: Ian sure didn’t ever let the party slip to 23 PER CENT, did he?

Nope, he didn’t.
I don't doubt the fact that Ian Davey is cool, and yes, we never fell to 23% in the polls under Davey's watch - unless you want to count during the Coalition crisis, but let's not go there.

However, I don't think 25%25.5%, and a few 26%ers are any better.

Let's just face it - Davey mostly got the upswing of Iggy's honeymoon, until that aborted September debacle that brought us from even to consistent 5%+ Conservative lead, for which he was promptly replaced over. The DonOLO, for all its ills, has had to slog through a lot more without any existential benefits (except during a brief moment of anti-prorogation fever in January 2010).

And even though we're at 23% - maybe, and I still laugh at the idea of the modern Leger clan being called credible - we're still more prepared for an election than at any time during Davey's reign at the OLO. Bless him for his work, minus a gaffe or two, but I still have full faith in Donolo and his team to get things done.

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