Monday, March 7, 2011

Wisconsin Activists Attempt Recall Initiative

Some interesting news out of Wisconsin:

Formal recall campaigns have now been launched against 16 state senators - eight Republicans and eight Democrats. That's everyone in the 33-member Wisconsin Senate who is legally eligible to be recalled this year.

Even though state law is designed to make recalls difficult and rare, some political insiders expect the petition drives now under way to succeed in forcing multiple lawmakers to face recall elections this summer.
 The recalls are being attempted by mainly partisan organizations it seems, though to be honest, I can't find any real sources for who is targeting who in this case. Media certainly doesn't seem to be having a better time. The only verified group I have is called the "American Recall Coalition," based out of Salt Lake City, which filed against the eight state Senators, except these ones are all Democrats. So, I don't know whats going on where.

But, regardless, it's another fun twist in the saga of Wisconsin, which as everyone should know, has been going through major turmoil over Gov. Scott Walker (R) and other Republicans in the state legislature sent out laws aimed at tackling the state deficit, but also takes a huge swipe at the unions. Just for everyone's knowledge, Walker, who won the Wisconsin governor's race in 2010 52.3% to 46.5%, now faces an approval rating of negative -10, with 43% approving, 53% disapproving, of his job performance so far.

The similar situation up here has been the BC recall initiatives over the HST headed up by former Premier Bill Vander Zalm, which we have all seen fall flat on their faces. Wisconsin requires about 16,000 signatures per senate district in order for the recall initiatives to be successful - or 25% of vote cast in the most recent election for governor (2010) in the district of the targeted legislator. In BC, the number was 40% of votes cast in the riding in the last election. The bar is lower but it is still a daunting task nevertheless.

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