Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who needs friends when you have Sebastien Togneri?

Isn't this just a cozy little situation? From the CBC:

The Canadian Press has learned that a former Conservative staffer under RCMP investigation is working on the federal campaign in a key riding.

Sebastien Togneri demanded that government officials block the release of a document and censor it heavily in 2009 while he was a senior aide to a cabinet minister.

Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose called in the Mounties to determine if charges should be laid after an investigation by Canada's information commissioner found that Togneri clearly interfered with the request without legal authority to do so.

Now Togneri has turned up working for the campaign of Ryan Hastman in Edmonton-Strathcona, a riding the Tories are trying to win back from the NDP.
Hastman's campaign manager essentially said that, oh, Togneri is an "old friend" who just wanted to pitch in with the candidate's campaign. This is not the best way to start a campaign - the Liberals may be down in the polls, but we're the less controversial bunch so far.

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  1. A couple days ago, Doug Finley, who's in court charged with election fraud, tweeted that he's working with the Tory war room. If true that would be even more inflammatory, yet so far no one seems to be remarking on it.

    We already knew Togneri's real "crime" wasn't manipulating ATI, it was getting CAUGHT doing it. This sort of confirms my suspicions.