Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What is going on with the Cons?

You know, when this election was called, I expected to see a giant blue machine rolling over all of their opponents in such a way that it'd make George Patton's campaigns look like kitten fights (which call still be pretty vicious, just fyi).

But aside from the couple of ads thrown out so far by the Conservatives, I've yet to see anything considerable come out of the Conservative's campaign, but I have seen quite a few gaffes and general stupidity.

I mean, it's only the fourth day of the campaign and already RevMod is starting to consider Harper's "you people" gaffe a serious contender to be the first one on his board. On top of that we've seen candidates admit to possibly handing out visas for votes; Conservative stars drop, turn on their own party, or completely alienate their core supporters; corruption-charged Conservatives helping out on campaigns; and let's not even get started on the "tax cuts for 2015!" silliness.

This is not the well-oiled machine I expected out of the Conservatives. Where's the finesse, the background checks, those much-needed muzzles? The Liberals have had one screw-up that wasn't even that major - the Conservatives are flailing about in comparison.

Maybe this election will be easier for us than I thought. The way things are going, we may not have to do anything - the Conservatives seem to be doing a fine job shooting themselves in the foot.


  1. though I was only 4 years old at the time... it kinda reminds me of Stanfield in 68'?

  2. Stanfield had a lot more poise than Harper. That being said, who wants to throw Harpo a football?

  3. Don't forget Shelley Glover saying elderly MPs are passed their "expiry date".

  4. That was under the "completely alienate" heading - but it is fun to repeat, isn't it?

  5. Part of the reason is the overkill they have done pre-writ. Their disgusting negative ads have so dominated the pre-writ campaign that post-writ we're underdogs with little expectations. This is working to our advantage. I also believe that Ignatieff has the smarts to out debate Harper everyday, and twice on Sundays. So watch out for Iggy in BOTH debates!

  6. My blue sign arrived on my lawn near Brant St and QEW this afternoon. I haven't seen any others in town yet, even on public land ...