Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Surprise! The NDP have a spine too!

The NDP may start off sputtering, but eventually the orange machine gets going.

Barring unforseen events, it seems like the Opposition is finally getting ready for an election. With the NDP seemingly on board this time, the Liberals finally have enough votes to use their Opposition day motions to bring about no confidence in the Harper regime. O Glory, hallelujah! It's about freggin' time.

If you're a Liberal looking for meaningful employment as an unpaid canvasser, then please fill out this form and submit yourself to the new Liberal Legion.

If you're a Dipper tired of seeing Jack and Tom's face warmers, see here (be sure to click the box that says "5 years").

If you're a Conservative sick and tired of Harper and want to send a message, click here (not affiliated with the LPC, but amusing).

If you're a Conservative who lives and breathes to serve the Generalissimo, click here. Be distracted for awhile.

Elections, AHOY!!


  1. I'm pretty sure the Liberals had their opposition day yesterday. If the government falls before the budget it will be on a motion concerning a breach of privilege. First the speaker has to rule there was a prima facie breach. There are an unpredicted two ruling coming up, one on hiding the cost of the crime bills and the other on Oda's, shall we say, inconsistent statements.

    The first ruling could come down today which means the government could as soon as today.

  2. And then the CPC can spend 35 days talking about the good news budget the coalition didn't want Canadians to see.

    Without the actual budget numbers, how can Canadians trust the costing of the Opps election platforms?

  3. The Conservative's talk about their budget will have a lot less creditability if it hasn't been officially released, yet.

  4. Good news budget? The economy is tanking, and despite recent tiny changes for the positive, our housing market (and largest economic driver) is about to collapse in a long slow burn.

  5. pretty rich, wilson, when the whole thrust of the Speaker's Ruling which could become the Non-confidence motion that this pathologically non-transparent falls on is that it has been systematically CONCEALING the true state of the country's finances and the likely costs of its big-ticket items, which has been repeatedly reported by their own Parliamentary Budget Officer watchdog. I.e., that we can't trust THEIR budgets since they both hide and don't know so much (like, how much the F-35s will cost). So.... go away.