Monday, March 28, 2011

Strike Two: Thank you, Shelly Glover

And they just keep comin'.

Shelley Glover, current Conservative MP for Saint Boniface (where Liberal candidate Raymond Simard is running) had this to say about fellow Winnipeger and Liberal MP Anita Neville:
Glover launched into this attack on Neville: “We need some fresh blood we need some new people who have some new ideas and who are willing to stand up for their constituents. And I’m afraid Ms. Neville has passed her expiry date.

Maybe that CARP poll wasn't too far off the mark after all in regards to the senior's vote. It certainly may not be after this.

But that's the dangers of making the pseudo-Palin a star candidate - when she makes a gaffe, she'll make a biggie. Be it this, or saying all prisoners vote Liberal and all cops Conservative, or either blatantly lying or being completely clueless about one of the main backers of Stephen Harper's Conservative movement, or handing out water bottles with Conservative logos to schools - let's just say she'll be a goldmine for this election, at least until the PMO muzzles her.

h/t Sister Sage


  1. I wonder if she feels the same about Conservative politicians of a comparable vintage. If so, she should make her opinions known publicly. After all, we need "fresh blood"! Sheesh.

  2. "Gordon O'Connor is a Canadian, I understand."

  3. Glover is the kind of gaffe gift that just keeps on giving and giving! Here`s my newest take on her political skills & her propensity for mouth meet foot disease- -

  4. Well, it's their own fault - Pandora's Box was never meant to be opened...