Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ontario NDP Candidate Drops Out, Backs Liberals

Looks like one person has the right idea so far:
A southwestern Ontario NDP candidate is pulling out of the election campaign, throwing his support behind the Liberals.

Ryan Dolby informed the NDP national office on Wednesday morning that he was dropping out of the running in Elgin-Middlesex-London.

Dolby said he is concerned about the possibility of Conservative Leader Stephen Harper forming a majority government.

"I've decided to drop out of the race to give my support to [Liberal] Graham Warwick. I'm really worried if Stephen Harper does get a majority what he'd do to this country," Dolby said in an interview.
Ryan Dolby was actually the candidate in 2008 and was a close match back then, coming in with 19.2% of the vote, to the Liberal's 23.5% and Conservative MP Joe Preston's 48.4%. So, this struck me as kind of surprising - but its understandable. Dolby felt that he couldn't run as a candidate and be credible, so long as the reality is that the Liberals remain the best chance to take on Stephen Harper's Conservatives.

Thank you, Mr. Dolby - I'm sure Liberal candidate Graham Warwick appreciates it, and I hope you personally decide to help out in his campaign against Joe Preston, as he needs all the help he can get. And while I'm sure your party will be replacing you, I think you've made your point today, and its appreciated.