Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Liberal Campaign Ads

Couple of new Lib ads to serve up, both television - you can hear radio ads here.

Both well done, personal, and they get the point across. Not fancy, no big bells and whistles, but you'll get an impact for your buck, it just won't be big.


  1. So where is the policy?
    All I heard was Harper is bad for funding Quebec stadiums but now Iggy is smart for funding Quebec stadiums.

  2. Ridofbrain knows there's no policy coming from her farm team in its ads. Just scary talk of imaginary creatures, schoolyard taunts and posing from the agent narcissist Harper. In a inaugural 30 second ad there isn't going to be indepth policy. But keeping watching - the policies are out there and more are coming.

  3. We heard it all before.
    "... and I'll remove the GST" is the "no coalition" of today.

  4. Is Harper even allowed to legally run after being found in contempt of parliament?

  5. I have lived far too long to trust a liberal.
    Trudeau: Central to his campaign:
    No to wage and price controls.
    Imposed wage and price controls.

    Chretien: Central to his campaign:
    Scrap GST, Scrap the FTA
    ....failed to do both, in fact admitted it was good policy after all

    Harper: Central to his campaign:
    Lower the GST 2 points.
    Kept promise.

  6. Rotterdam,

    There's a difference between "keeping promises" and "reacting to reality." Trudeau and Chretien fought valiantly against those things at first because they didn't believe they were the right policies for the time. Things change, however; and note that it's the same for Harper on several of his own promises.

    But it's interesting you think these things were "central," as most people I've talked to didn't consider them central: Trudeau might have attacked Stanfield on his wage control issue, but he talked more about social spending and constitutional issues; Chretien said wanted to fix the FTA, but the 1993 campaign focused on the Mulroney/Campbell government's intransigence, patronage, and corruption, and of course that gaping deficit which they promised to close AND THEY DID.

    And of course, you believe Mr. Harper on the GST, but what about accountability legislation? What about paying our debt? Fixing our spending? What about all these other promises Harper gave us, ones that were very good, but he never acted upon - and sure, cut the GST, yay, but was that even a good decision?

    So, don't believe a Liberal, sure, whatever - but don't give Mr. Harper the same respect when he doesn't deserve it.