Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The New Ads

The folks at the LPC bring you two wonderful new ads, one positive, one negative:

These are honestly not too bad. I'm really digging the personal appearance of Iggy, just talking about how Harper and his gang pretty much a failure at this economy thing - though Michael could stand to be a little less wooden in how he comes across. Overall, it's a good add and gets right down to the point - Harper and co. are not doing a good job, so throw the buggers out. And a big, prominent Liberal logo - that's the best part.

The second ad is another in this series of "Is this your Canada?" style attack ads. It's not bad and points out exactly how arrogant this bastard really is. I like it.

I like both of them. They're well done and professional, and I hope they end up on-air - and I assume they will be. It's about time we fought back.


  1. I do find it courageous that Mr. Ignatieff is appearing in one of the ads. One of my rules of politics is to make perceived weaknesses into strengths.

    When the Liberals create other ads with Mr. Ignatieff, I would suggest that he appear in a real outdoor background with a family or two nearby. He can appear to talk to them and the viewers while walking along a pathway. Show a comfortable Michael Ignatieff.

  2. Interesting idea, SD. I was thinking some clips from some of his tours would work as well, as those are classic campaign material - but you're right as well.

  3. Thanks for the reply, Volkov. I would think an interesting narrative would be to make the next campaign "Team Canada with leader Michael Ignatieff" vs. "Harper." The second ad does imply that its Canada vs. Harper.

  4. SD,

    That's really essentially what Chretien did a few times, no?