Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The NDP Saves Face

Or at the very least attempts to, with their latest ads being ones that comes at a time when it seems conflicting messages are all the rage.

One of the ads, see above, features Layton and what I can only assume are real Canadians, talking about how Ottawa isn't working, how unelected insiders are running the gambit, how we don't care for seniors, and how we need to put the partisan games aside. Hm. Very effective ad, Jack.

The other two are of more consequence. The HST issue is one that, while at the moment on the political backburner (at the moment), still carries forward a lot of momentum for the NDP. However, the current state of British Columbia's politics makes me wonder whether or not it has staying power - after all, if the backlash can get lost simply because of a leadership change, it doesn't bode well. Even the Ontario Liberals, who are lagging, aren't receiving the amount of backlash you would expect from the HST and its unpopularity.

And what exactly does Jack mean by "Canadian leadership"? That the NDP way is the Canadian way? Or is it just a jibe at Iggy? Being as cynical as I am, I'll bet the latter.

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