Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Most Ridiculous Thing You've Heard Of

No, it's not a Tim Hortons turned into an ER.

It's not even pro-accountability Conservatives being charged with funding irregularities (that's almost expected).

It's a fetus being called to testify in legislature.

That's right. In Ohio, Senators have now done one of the most incredulous acts imaginable, and have scheduled a fetus to testify as a witness in court to a controversial bill that would outlaw abortion after the first heartbeat can be detected, or about 18 days.

The "witness," a fetus which is 9-weeks old at this point, is scheduled to appear before the Senate committee, pushed by anti-abortion group "Faith2Action," which is the main group pushing this measure through. Basically how its going to work is a pregnant woman will come into the legislative chamber, and an ultrasound image of the fetus will be projected, and the heartbeat will be shown in colour.

So, once again, let's go over this: a fetus has been scheduled to appear before the Senate as a witness for an anti-abortion bill, whose heartbeat will be shown in pretty, emotionally-moving colours, most likely carried by a woman whose own prejudices are in favour of this group and this bill. Just turn it over in your heads for a moment.

When we have a fetus called to testify before a parliamentary committee, you know by that point there's no where in this world where the crazy won't get to you.

Cue Rod Bruinooge.....


  1. And will fetus be subpoenaed and, if s/he refuses will fetus to held in contempt, and if so what would the punishment be for the fetus?

    Curious minds want to know.

  2. That is definitely a question worth pondering. Who would they hold accountable? Is it the mother's choice and she would face punishment? But isn't that technically charging her with a crime that she didn't technically commit?

    And if you do, doesn't that throw into question the entire idea of a fetus being a person capable or culpable as a person anyways?

    Questions, questions.